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ERP & CRM Consulting

Everything In The Right Place

Bitworkz has already helped many companies with setting up and advising on CRM systems. Enterprise resource planning is usually done by a computer program or cloud application.

Developing such an application requires an extensive knowledge of all processes within the company.

Customer Management & Follow Up

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is used for managing customer data. This system provides support for sales management, social media and many other things such as statistics, sales follow-ups, etc. Such a system also facilitates communication between all departments within a company.

Bitworkz develops or generally uses cloud-based CRM systems that offer full mobility and access to an ecosystem of apps that are tailored to your needs.

Logical Website Management

Through years of experience with companies from different sectors, Bitworkz has found that companies often need a custom content management system.

Managing different types of content, both products and news or social media posts. Through a custom content management system (CMS) different people or departments within your organisation can publish documents and data on the internet easily and without much technical knowledge.