Bitworkz - Business Workflow Consultants
Workflow Automation

Company & Business Processes

After studying all internal and external processes of your company, we analyse which processes can be automated or digitised. 

By building these processes with microservices, your employees can switch to the new tools to manage your business without too much effort.


Digitising each process in your company saves you a lot of time and also makes it possible to improve each individual process. Because more information is digitised, the functioning of these processes can be better monitored, giving you a better idea of how much time some processes take.

By digitising your business processes, you will also be able to use statistics to better reveal the pros and cons of how your organisation works.

The Engine Of Your Organisation

The software that your company works with should be scalable, robust and secure. Both your employees and your customers should work in a secure environment. Both for data protection and external attacks, it is best to work with a partner who is familiar with security in IT and with different security techniques.

Bitworkz will research the vulnerable processes in your company and provide a fully secure environment, so that you, your employees and your customers do not have to worry about the data that is processed in your system.