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Web Application Architecture

Many Different Processes

In every company today, different kinds of software are used to facilitate business functionality such as order management, payment, etc. The different services of your company should ideally work together, which is sometimes hindered by the limitations of certain software applications.

Bitworkz can ensure that all departments, services and functions within your company are linked together. This avoids for example the double entry of data into different software packages. By programming connections between different databases of your software, a lot of processes will run more efficiently.

Resourceful Planning

After all processes within your company have been clearly mapped out, Bitworkz proceeds to make an overview that determines which steps need to be taken to build the first MVP model. After a thorough alpha testing and after the flaws have been ironed out, a plan needs to be made to introduce this software partially or in steps at your company.

In this plan, for example, the removal of certain software is planned so that the transition to the new application can take place. All processes within your company are considered so that no department is forgotten. In this way, we can organise a transition to new software within a company without it having a major impact on the operation of your company.

Complete Control

During the implementation of the software, all kinds of issues are addressed. For example, the content and functioning of your website, social media, invoicing, customer follow-up, and so much more. Bitworkz usually opts for a tailor-made system where all processes and departments within a company can communicate flawlessly with each other.

We also find it very important that people do not become the victim of a new software package, but that they see it as a serious progress. We do this by involving the people who know the day-to-day operations best.