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Customised Websites

No Double Entries

Many companies have multiple tools and software to document all processes. This can range from ordering from a website to a support platform with a ticket system or managing your products on different websites or systems.

By having a custom-made website built, it becomes possible to throw all this superfluous software overboard and avoid double input and unnecessary processes. For example, monitoring, content management, stock management, customer management and invoicing can all be integrated into your website, so that you only need to keep track of everything in one place.

Not Getting Lost Anymore

A customised system will obviously ensure that you have all data at your disposal within one system. So you no longer have to search for your customers in one programme, while you have to search for your invoices in another programme.

Even if it is not possible to disable certain software packages, we offer solutions where different software databases can communicate with each other. In this way, you also avoid double entry.

Secure Data

Privacy is extremely important today, so you don't want your company's and your customers' data to be easily hackable.

Well-known systems such as Drupal or Wordpress are more susceptible to hackers and attackers because they are widely used systems. Hackers are more likely to be able to break into multiple targets at the same time with these systems, whereas with a customised software package this risk is lower. Usually, this software is so unique that your company already needs to be a real specific target to be vulnerable to external attacks. Of course, our software is protected to the hilt with the latest techniques available.